Here's why we spend so much time and money in Target

It's inevitable. You go into Target thinking you'll just buy one item, but then an hour or so later, you come out of the store with a cart full of stuff.

You didn't plan on spending that much time or money in there, but you couldn't resist the must have items that caught your eye.

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So, why does this happen to the majority of shoppers?

Well, according to, customers tend to stay in the store longer because they don't play music. Music is known to affect people differently, and the type of music also has an impact on you.

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For example, heavy metal is likely to discourage shoppers from spending a lot of time in a store, while ambient mellow tunes can actually influence people to spend money.

Furthermore, the absence of music may cause shoppers to wander aimlessly around for an extended period -- hence all that Target roaming and spending.

With that said, The Minneapolis Business Journal reports that the retailer has started testing playing music in some of their stores.

Good for us, bad for them? We guess it depends on the type of music ...