Everyone is OBSESSED with this pair of jeans right now

A good pair of denim is a staple in any closet. You can dress them up or down and wear them practically anywhere — everybody knows that. But you can also get good jeans from a lot of popular retailers, so when a lot of people become obsessed with a particular pair, it causes us to take notice. Especially if that pair racks up a wait list of 429 people, as Refinery29 pointed out.

That's what's happening with this pair of jeans from Mother Denim. The style is called the Insider Crop Step Fray and the particular color is Speed Racer. The jeans actually are pretty cool, to be fair, but there are a few things about them that make them a bit different from any old pair of jeans — and thus, not necessarily a practical choice for a staple. For one, they have the step-frayed hem we're seeing everywhere right now. While that's super on trend now, it's not necessarily likely to be that way forever. There are also two red racing stripes on both legs, making them quite a statement piece. The Insider Crop Step Fray comes in a few other colors if the red racing stripe isn't your thing, and you'll likely have less competition getting them.

See the popular pair (that Gigi Hadid has rocked, too):

Though they brand has apparently already gone through their waiting list of 429 people and have restocked the jeans online, they'll likely sell out pretty quickly, so if these are your cup of tea you should make your move quickly. We're not worried for you, though. If jeans with racing stripes on the side are your jam, you should have no problem moving fast. Shop them here.

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