How do you remove a tick? Here's your answer

Recent viral videos and posts on social media have been advising people to pour peppermint oil or even Vaseline on ticks to release them from the skin.

However, experts say to avoid those "folklore remedies." They advise staying away from anything that would aggravate a tick further, as that could increase your chances of contracting a tick-borne disease.

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While we may have enjoyed a warmer winter, higher temperatures in January means a likely increase in ticks come summer. These tiny insects, which are generally found in the woods, carry numerous diseases -- most notably Lyme disease.

Want to avoid tick bites altogether? Here are 10 ways to avoid them:

The Center for Disease Control says diseases are transmitted through the tick's saliva -- and if the tick is aggravated, saliva levels could be boosted, along with your risk of disease. Instead, the CDC says to get a pair of pointy tweezers, grab onto the tick and pull straight up and steady. And then flush it right down the toilet.

Of course, if you notice a fever or rash, head to the doctor right away.