Kate Middleton reportedly puts spirulina in her morning smoothie


While it's true that the British are known for interesting breakfasts -- or as our friends across the pond would say, brekkie -- Duchess Kate goes a different route.

The royal mom doesn't opt for eggs and bacon. Instead, she turns to blue-green algae, called spirulina.

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Marie Claire UK reports that the duchess likes to mix spirulina powder in her kale, spinach, lettuce, coriander and blueberry juice smoothie. Though it arguably doesn't look appetizing, there are apparently major health benefits, like protein, vitamins and amino acids that increase energy and boost the immune system.

detox. young barley, chlorella superfood.
detox. young barley, chlorella superfood.

The princess isn't the only one to lean on this superfood. After all, Instagram is flooded with pictures of smoothies and fruit bowls.

We're down for trying it -- but we still need a pancake or two every once in a while.

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