Gwyneth Paltrow's site, Goop, claims tomatoes are dangerous

There's a danger lurking in our food that Gwyneth Paltrow wants us all to be aware of.

According to the actress' lifestyle site Goop, tomatoes pose the biggest danger in the Western diet -- and not just tomatoes, but corn, quinoa beans and out-of-season fruit, as well.

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In the article, Dr. Gundry says that these foods have lectin in them, which can cause weight gain, arthritis and dementia. He says these foods should be cooked and de-seeded to avoid consuming the lectin. And if this sounds strange to you, you aren't alone.

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Critics claim the health benefits of these foods outweigh the negative and that our bodies can withstand the small amounts of lectin in tomatoes and the like.

Goop has received backlash in the past for selling high-priced items that don't have a lot of science backing them up. Not to mention that the Daily Mail reported that eating the way Paltrow preaches would cost a family $300 a day.

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