Israeli vet works diligently to piece together snail's broken shell


Is the vet or snail going viral in this story? We can't tell, but we do know that they both deserve this stardom.

An Israeli vet is being praised after she took the time to diligently piece back together a snail's broken shell.

It was brought to her after the snail washed up during a rainstorm. A woman was walking in her yard when she accidentally stepped on the snail, fracturing his shell. Panicking, she rushed him to HaClinic, an animal hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The clinic posted a photo of the vet, who meticulously glued the shell back together. Of course, it went viral, as it should.

According to The Dodo, who found a translation for the post, the vet had to figure out a way to glue the shell together without it piercing the snail once the shell was put on.

"For the broken shell, we need a combination of patience and finesse with epoxy glue. We make sure the glue stays outside the shell and does not penetrate the inner patch," they translated. The clinic is seemingly keeping the snail until it is fully healed.

In the meantime, the clinic is allowing visitors!

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