Baby otter rescue will give you all the feels

A poor otter got separated from his family but, thanks to workers on the Salt River Project, the little guy got the help he needed.

Three men were working on the Salt River Project, a canal in Arizona, when they heard a 4-week old otter crying.

The poor thing was trapped and could not get out of the drying river bed.

The workers rescued the otter and called the Arizona Game and Fish Department who then got the baby otter help through the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center in Phoenix.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, this is the first otter that has had to be rescued from the Salt River Project.

The baby was infested with fleas and was dehydrated. They nursed the otter back to health with a diet of mashed trout mixed with kitten milk.

The otter will now live at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park where he will hopefully make new friends and live a long and happy life, thanks to some very alert helpers.

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