Justin Trudeau wears 'Star Wars' socks to a meeting -- and the internet is having a field day

Chances are, someone has said "May the Fourth be with you" to you at least once today -- so even if you had forgotten, you now know it's "Star Wars Day." You know who needed no reminder, though? Justin Trudeau.

Per a photo the Canadian prime minister posted Thursday, he was rocking mismatched "Star Wars" socks during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

True Trudeau fans spotted the festive socks even before the leader posted a close-up, as he shared a wide shot on his Instagram story beforehand (as evidenced by the bottom right tweet below) -- and let's just say, they couldn't handle it.

Trudeau wasn't the only famous face to publically acknowledge the holiday. Watch the video above to see Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest share their memories on "Live with Kelly & Ryan."

And this isn't the first time Trudeau has charmed the internet. Remember the time his backside went viral? See reactions below:

Twitter reactions to Justin Trudeau's backside
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Twitter reactions to Justin Trudeau's backside
Justin Trudeau's butt is getting me through today https://t.co/OQ7rYalPuN
Twitter you have failed me. Justin Trudeau's butt is a thing and I had to hear about it from Dale first. And he is… https://t.co/kJb1SEh2Uo
I usually try not to post about politics on twitter, but I'm ready to start a conversation about Justin Trudeau's butt
Justin Trudeau's 🍑 of a butt is the best thing to happen on Twitter today https://t.co/0kKCQR4iQD
Find someone who loves you as much the internet loves Justin Trudeau's butt.
Me: Why is everybody posting photos of Justin Trudeau's butt, it's just a butt, c'mon. Me, five minutes later: What is this butt sorcery
Just clicked on a story about Justin Trudeau's "bubble butt" none of us are perfect
Retweeting Justin Trudeau's lovely butt because butts are great and his is very very lovely
Must end this evening on happier note. *tries to figure out how to find pics of Justin Trudeau's butt w/o googling "Justin Trudeau's butt"*
hey there @JustinTrudeau recently a very flattering picture of your butt surfaced and 💍 would you like to becom… https://t.co/fNxOW7lvrS
Omg Justin Trudeau's bubble butt 👅👅👅👅👅. Canadians are sooo lucky. We get 🍊🙁 https://t.co/GD7AlqkMwM
.@realDonaldTrump Are you spinning out because everyone hates you or because Justin Trudeau's butt is so much tight… https://t.co/IjdKw737iR
Tattoo idea: "Justin Trudeau" on my butt, in comic sans
The internet has lost it over this picture of Justin Trudeau’s butt https://t.co/h8rfjwXACX
Justin Trudeau has a nice butt. Obama got a SBUX, New Yorker's lost their minds ( oxymoronic). We've named the 7 planets. News read. Bam
I day dream about Justin Trudeau bubble butt. https://t.co/XYsjcY85cM

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