Internet can't stop talking about infamous red bathing suit

If you saw Simone Biles' tweet about a red bathing suit Wednesday and had no idea what she was talking about, allow us to fill you in. First off, have a look at the frank tweet, if you haven't seen that either:

What in the world is she referring to? Here's the background: Sunny Co Clothing posted this Instagram on Tuesday, inviting followers to repost the photo and tag the company to get the featured "Pamela" swimsuit for free (though shoppers would have to cover the shipping and handling costs themselves). Users only had 24 hours to act, so naturally, the photo started appearing everywhere.

Not anticipating the level of interest the post would garner, the company followed up a day later, reserving the right to "cap the promotion if deemed necessary."

If you missed out, don't worry -- these one-piece swimsuits are perfect for summer:

Now, not only did the influx of reposts begin to bug Instagram users (like Simone Biles), but Sunny and Co also immediately started receiving complaints about customers being charged the full price of the bathing suit, rather than just the shipping and handling costs. On the other hand, the promotion worked perfectly fine for other customers, according to Refinery29.

While Sunny and Co hasn't responded to the controversy yet, according to BuzzFeed News, a spokesperson from Twazer (the sponsor behind the promotion), spoke out, saying, "We're both young companies and are a bit overwhelmed by the immense amount of interest in the product."

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