Where was Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2017 Met Gala?


If you were expecting to see Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2017 Met Gala Monday night, you're not alone. We were too! After all, it would've marked her 10th appearance at "Fashion's Biggest Night."

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As we watched the stars stroll in, we kept telling ourselves (and each other) that she'd show up eventually (she had to, right?!). But alas, we ultimately had to come to terms with the fact that she just wasn't coming (we even gave her until 11 p.m.). It felt almost as if we'd been stood up.

See all of the stars who did show up:

Now, if you're wondering what exactly kept her away, we're not positive yet (though reports say she was busy working on her HBO series, "Divorce"). The last we heard from the actress herself was on Monday morning, when she posted an Instagram video of her coffee brewing (the comments are full of fans asking where she was).

If you had asked us hours ago what the mysterious video meant, we would've said it was a sign that she was gearing up for the big night -- but now we know that was not the case. Stop playing with our hearts, SJP!

Hopefully we get an explanation straight from the source soon -- but in the meantime, enjoy her nine other Met Gala appearances:

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