Sabrina Soto dishes on the biggest painting mistake homeowners can make

All homeowners will undoubtedly agree on this: choosing a paint color can be a daunting process. And home expert Sabrina Soto tells AOL Lifestyle there's one big mistake to avoid.

"Not trying it out first, for sure."

The design professional says that many homeowners go to big-box stores, become overwhelmed and leave with gallons of one color without trying samples first. Bad move, Soto says.

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"One color could look beautiful in a space and look completely different in another space," she advises. "So I always tell people to get those sample pots, that's why they're there. Have them make you a few, not just one, a few colors -- and try them out first."

Because Soto has gone through the process a countless number of times, she recently partnered with BEHR Paint to bring her professional décor and DIY expertise to the brand's Color Clinic in late April. During the two-day social media event, color and design experts like herself shared advice and inspiration with DIYers tackling home décor projects. Soto, who says she used BEHR paint on many seasons of her HGTV shows, even has a go-to color: Silver polish.

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For anyone who shies away from the permanence of paint, Soto just launched a temporary wallpaper line with Chasing Paper. That doesn't mean she's not into mixing and matching, though. Spice things up a bit and put wallpaper on the ceiling of one room and paint the rest of the walls, she suggests. We're into it.

Now, while Soto is all for homeowners painting their own spaces, there are projects that she believes should be left to the professionals. "I would say anything that has to do with plumbing," she said, without hesitation. "And removing popcorn ceilings."


Learn more about the #BehrColorClinicSweepstakes right here. It goes from now until May 19, and you can enter via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The grand prize is a $10,000 room makeover and a video chat with Sabrina Soto.