It's going to be a bad summer for ticks, according to experts

It's gonna be a bad summer for ticks.

Experts blame it on mild winters and growing deer and mice populations. That's because ticks love mice and mice are good at transmitting Lyme. Mice are to blame for infecting most of the ticks carrying Lyme in the Northeast. When ticks feed on infected mice, they get the disease.

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The tick then passes it onto a person when it bites, according to a report from NPR. Ticks also get a free ride traveling on deer.

Since populations are growing, that means tick season will be more widespread. Back in the 80's cases were limited to two areas, southern New England and western Wisconsin.

CDC experts say cases are now spreading nationwide. Lyme causes flu-like symptoms and sometimes a red rash.

In especially bad cases, it can damage the heart. Always check yourself after going outdoors. If you spot a tick, get it off as quickly as possible.

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