Bobbi Brown opens stunning lifestyle concept shop in Lord & Taylor


Bobbi Brown has been a busy woman since stepping away from her longtime namesake cosmetics company in late 2016. At the time, the savvy businesswoman already had her eyes on the future, saying, "The brand's 25-year anniversary was a wonderful milestone that made me realize it was time to start a new chapter and move on to new ventures." And that she did.

Brown unveiled her brand-new lifestyle concept shop, justBOBBI, at Lord & Taylor's flagship store in NYC on Monday -- one day before her ninth (yes, ninth!) book would be released. The shop can be found at select Lord & Taylor locations and online.

In the hopes that the space will give customers a "360-degree view" of Brown's life (there are even inspirational quotes of hers sprinkled on the walls throughout), you'll find everything from Hudson denim and Giles and Brother accessories to T-shirts from philanthropic brands like good hYOUman and n:Philanthropy. The wellness category is aptly represented, as well, with Super Elixir and Dr. Frank Lipman supplements for sale.

Take a peek inside:

Essentially, the shop -- which feels like a style and wellness oasis -- is Brown's way of saying, "these are a few of my favorite things."

"It was a great experience for me to be able to curate not just the face, but the whole life, the whole lifestyle," Brown told AOL Lifestyle when we sat down to chat right in the middle of the new shop Monday. "And they pretty much gave me an almost blank slate -- and not a lot of time. It took a couple months."

And, get this: the whole shop will be refreshed monthly. So Brown's work is not done -- and she seems to like it that way.

"There [were] a lot of things we wanted to launch with that we couldn't get -- so every time I'm like, 'Where's that? Where's that?' they're like, 'It's coming, It's coming.'"

Now, if you doubt for a second how much of a hand Brown played in the curation process, think again. In fact, she stocked the shelves with items from her home as they waited for stock to roll in. That includes a silk shirt that she says everyone was afraid was "a little too expensive." However -- as if we didn't already know that Brown knows what she's doing -- the one sample of the shirt that they put out on display sold.

"So we don't even have it! So that's coming back," she assured us.

As for the inspiration behind the shop, much of it came from her newly released book, "Beauty from the Inside Out." As she puts it, "I really believe how you take care of yourself and what you put in your body really makes a difference to what you look like. It's becoming a trend to care about what you eat, but it's always been something I believed in."

This book differs from every preceding one in that the focus is not at all on makeup, as some might expect. "It's less instructional and more inspirational, because I think women now are wearing less makeup -- which I really like," Brown affirms.

With that being said, the longtime makeup artist hasn't stopped sharing her beauty-related wisdom. For starters, in case you haven't already heard, she is not a fan of contouring.

"I don't like contouring. I don't think anyone needs contouring. When you look in the mirror and look at your face, it's not about what you're trying to change, but [rather] what you're trying to enhance. And yes, we all want to get rid of dark circles or blemishes or red spots, but the shape of your face -- your nose, your cheeks -- let's go for it."

The one product Brown is all for? Concealer.

"I don't know a woman alive who doesn't look better with a little concealer."

Experience justBOBBI with Bobbi Brown herself -- this Friday, April 21, at 12 p.m. at the Lord & Taylor flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. You can even get your purchased copy of her new book signed while you're there!