Is it bad to wear shoes inside the house?

By Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Experts say you shouldn't wear your shoes indoors because they can be full of dangerous bacteria, according to University of Houston researchers.

It's simple logic. Walking outside drags in germs and bugs that can spread on carpets and floors.

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Most people don't need to worry about getting sick from the bacteria -- but older people and children are most at risk, as well as people with weak immune systems.

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1. Rhubarb
Rhubarb isn't on most Americans' list of favorite foods, but by rubbing its leaves on pots and pans, you can remove burn marks. If the inside of your pot is scorched, fill it with some stalks and water and boil for a few minutes.
2. Ketchup
Hold the ketchup on your hot dog, but use it to clean copper or brass. The acid from the tomatoes helps fade discoloration.
3. Banana
Blend banana peel with water as a polishing agent for silverware.The natural oils in walnuts can lift scratches in wood furniture.
4. Coffee
If your fridge still smells like last week's fish dinner, place a dish of dry coffee grounds to act as a natural deodorizer.
5. Cucumber
Cucumber is good in a salad, and great as an eraser for scuff marks on walls.
6. Corn starch
Corn starch thickens soups and lifts up stains! Cover a fresh carpet stain with corn starch, then vacuum up 30 minutes later.

Researchers studied a specific bacterium that causes painful stomach cramps and tested samples gathered around town for two years.

Shoe soles in homes were about three times more likely to test positive than bathroom and kitchen surfaces and that's just one bacterium.

Wiping your feet doesn't help because you're only wiping up what others have left behind. The best way to keep that bacteria out of your home is to leave your shoes at the door.

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