The Melania Effect: How the U.S. first lady's style is influencing royals around the world


Is this what the Melania Effect looks like?

Don't get us wrong, all of these women are incredibly elegant and stylish in their own right (we even have a piece explaining why Queen Letizia should be your new style icon), but it seems as though European royals have been taking a cue out of first lady Melania Trump's style book lately.

From the (now iconic) pastel blue of Melania's Ralph Lauren inauguration day dress to her favorite statement color -- red -- it's clear that in just three months the first lady is making her mark on fashion. Not only can she sell out a dress within minutes of wearing it, but she can send a company's stocks soaring when they dress her. And now, she is influencing other prominent women.

Here's what we've learned about Mrs. Trump's first lady style: She leans towards ladylike silhouettes that boast traditional glamour and minimalism. We haven't seen a lot of pattern, and she has so far stuck to a few key hues like black, white, and red.

The first moment of the "Melania Effect" was felt -- by none other than Vogue -- when Queen Mathilde of Belgium was in Denmark on a state visit and met with the Danish royals. Both she and Crown Princess Mary looked elegant as ever in pretty pale blues seeming to take a style note from Melania. They also both wore pillbox hats, so could have been taking cues from Jackie Kennedy as well. (You'll remember that many compared Melania to Jackie on the day of President Trump's inauguration.)

We noticed that Argentina's first lady, Juliana Awada, also wore an all-pastel-blue ensemble in March, and though she chose lace for her dress, she took a cue from Melania with the perfectly matching blue shoes.

Melania Trump's influence on style - pale blues
Melania Trump's influence on style - pale blues

Further into her trip to Denmark, Queen Mathilde of Belgium wore a dazzling red, figure-hugging dress which was a bit of a departure for her, but the ultimate glamorous statement. Many have compared that look to Mrs. Trump's elegant Mar-a-Lago Valentino moment.

The Daily Mail states that Queen Mathilde is "known for playing it safe in patterned dresses with court shoes, and ultra matchy-matchy outfits," so she surprised royal fans with this look that felt like classic old Hollywood glam.

See the key moments of the "Melania Effect" on royal style:

The first lady's chosen necklines seem to impress, too. When meeting with Queen Rania of Jordan last week, Melania chose a green dress, but the ever-stylish Rania's dress shared one element with January 20's Ralph Lauren ensemble. The high wrapped neckline is both chic and conservative.

It's fair to say, however, that Melania is also likely taking cues from these royal women. For example, commissioning perfectly matching leather gloves or shoes wasn't exactly always part of her style. It's something she surely has learned from women on the global stage before her, and her impeccable tailoring is something all prominent women master.

But it does truly feel like Melania's penchant for minimalism and clean lines is resonating around the world, and we'd be surprised if that doesn't continue. Click through above for more, and see below for Melania's style through the years.