Vacuuming could burn more calories than sex

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

Apparently vacuuming and lawn mowing is better than sex -- that is, of course, if you are looking to lose weight.

If you want to make the best out of your workouts, consider running as the most efficient calorie burning activity. You'll be using more energy than you normally consume which is the secret to getting rid of fat. Well, that and having a healthy diet.

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Boxing and canoeing are also high energy consuming activities, but not everyone has access to them.

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If after this information you are feeling inspired to lose weight and want to become a runner, keep in mind a study from the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. The study found that marathoners are 40 percent more likely to suffer acute kidney injuries due to physical stress. However, most results show that people recover quickly the day after the run.

Turns out household activities burn a few calories too. An hour mowing the lawn or 100 minutes vacuuming will burn as much as 30 minutes running -- whereas with sex, you'd need to be at it for at least three straight hours to burn off that much.