This hotel chain will give you a refund if you get divorced

By: Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Thinking about getting divorced? Try sleeping it off.

You can actually get your money back from a Swedish hotel chain if you get divorced after staying there.It sounds like a joke, but the BBC reported that the guarantee is 100% real.

The goal of the Countryside Hotels Group is for couples to spend time together and work on their relationship. However, there is some fine print on their "relationship guarantee."

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You've got to be legally married, you have to stay in the same room and you have to mention the deal when booking.

If things don't work out within a year of staying in one of their hotels, you'll get your money back for up to two nights. You also have to show divorce papers to get your refund. Before you start to split everything equally in court, at least you can save money somewhere.

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