All parents need to know about this mom's terrifying finding in her baby's food

A baby boy is okay after his mother found a pill mixed in with his snacks.

Meghan Holt Davis put her young son in his high chair and poured a handful of Gerber Banana cereal puffs onto his tray. After about a moment, she quickly noticed a "little white chunk sitting" in her baby's food.

Davis explained, "Oh, I was terrified. Bless his heart, I yanked him out of the highchair and almost scrubbed the skin off of his hands because the puffs had shared the same container."

The small chunk was actually pieces of a pill, later identified as Codeine. Davis posted about the scary encounter on Facebook, where it's since gone viral.

According to Davis' post, other parents have made similar findings in their child's cereal.

In a press release released by Gerber, Davis' incident is under investigation. "While we are still conducting a complete investigation, based upon the facts we have and call records we log from parents, this is an isolated incident and a highly unusual circumstance for our foods," the company said in the statement.

"After all, OUR BABIES are the reason we are continuing to fight despite the fact we are going head on with such a massive corporate circle. Also- for those wondering, our family has NO prescriptions for T3 nor anything close to it," Davis explained.

She urges parents to be extra cautious, even around baby food and products. Moms, dads and caretakers should "continue to be vigilant when giving your child pre-packaged snacks," she advises.

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