Zac Posen has 'no current plans' to dress Melania or Ivanka Trump


The conversation among designers about dressing first lady Melania Trump is undeniably an ongoing one. It began with Sophie Theallet proclaiming her decision in November, and the latest declaration comes from award-winning designer Zac Posen.

While the discussion had somewhat quieted after its peak right after the election, rumors swirled right before the inauguration that Zac Posen was among a handful of designers who were eager to dress FLOTUS for the big day.

Fast forward to March, and Posen is saying otherwise. In an interview with The Daily Beast, the 36 year old affirmed that he has "no current plans" to dress the first family -- most notably Melania and Ivanka Trump, both of whom he has dressed in the past.

See where other designers stand on the issue:

"I'm very upset with the state of affairs right now. I always try to be optimistic. I think that freedom will prevail. And I don't dictate who buys my clothing in a store," he continued.

The latter part of his statement calls to mind the recent speculation about whether Michael Kors dressed Melania Trump for Trump's joint address to Congress in early March -- or if the first lady simply purchased the sequined ensemble herself.

See the outfit in question:

One word in Kors' statement regarding the appearance led people to settle on the latter (Hint: The word is "client").

"Mrs. Trump has been a long time client at our New York boutique. She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle. My embroidered black suit reflects the streamlined glamour that she is known for," he told Vanity Fair.

As we mentioned, the relationship between the first family and the fashion industry gives way to an ongoing conversation indeed.