Everyone's wondering if Melania Trump paid for her Kors ensemble herself

Aside from the Twitterverse debating whether or not Melania's black, sequined outfit for Trump's first joint address to Congress was "appropriate," the internet is also wondering how her look came to be.

Considering the ongoing controversy surrounding designers choosing to dress or not dress the first lady, people are questioning if Michael Kors himself provided FLOTUS with her jacket and skirt Tuesday -- or if she dished out nearly $10,000 herself.

See the outfit everyone's buzzing about:

One word in Kors' comment regarding the outfit is causing people to settle on the latter.

In a statement to Vanity Fair, the designer said, "Mrs. Trump has been a long time client at our New York boutique. She has a keen understanding of what works best for her and her lifestyle. My embroidered black suit reflects the streamlined glamour that she is known for."

Spot the keyword? "Client."

We don't know for sure, of course -- but at this point, the internet has largely settled on the assumption that the first lady splurged herself.