A Beauty and the Beast-esque magical rose actually exists -- and will live forever

It's called the Forever Rose, and it's actually a little bit magical. What would you do if you could have a floral arrangement that lasted for -- no joke -- three years?

Forever Rose London offers a one-of-a-kind Beauty and the Beast-like flower that can survive for three years without needing water or sunlight. They come in a variety of beautiful arrangements, and in nearly 30 different colors. The most popular style is called the Bella Rose, inspired by Belle herself, and it looks a lot like the Beast's enchanted rose safely tucked underneath a glass dome to keep it safe.

Another pretty crazy range they offer? Price. You could run up a tab of $4,000 with these magical flowers, but just think -- if it lasts for three years, and you're someone who constantly buys $50+ floral arrangements, you might actually be *saving* money. Right...?

The company got its start in the UK, creating exclusive, custom floral arrangements for the royal family's many castles across Europe. And now they're huge in the Middle East, too.

So how on earth do these flowers stay alive? According to the brand, they're "derived from the mineral rich volcanic soils of Ecuador in South America," and have "uniquely strong petals which grow up to ten times thicker and five times larger than any other blooms available on the market." And if they stay underneath the 30 cm clear glass dome, they might even live forever.

Yes, you read that right.

So go on -- live your own Beauty and the Beast fairytale with a magical, enchanted rose. We think Emma Watson would approve!

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