These recipes from Best Damn Brewing Co. will make you feel like a kid again

Do you like nostalgic flavors like root beer or cream soda? Do you love drinking them but wish they had a kick? Your boozy prayers have been answered by Best Damn Brewing Co. This week, they introduced Best Damn Cream Soda to their line.

Your new favorite beer is aged on real vanilla beans. Introducing #BESTDAMN Cream Soda.

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Along with Best Damn Root Beer and Best Damn Apple Ale, the Cream Soda joins their portfolio of delicious hard sodas. That's not the only new release the company can boast: Best Damn Sweet Tea is coming March 27. editors were lucky enough to sample both new releases and recipes incorporating the products. There were used in cocktails, but that's not all -- you can make food such as floats and barbecue sauce with them, too.

Check out the recipes

How did the recipes taste, and how did the beers fare on their own? We had a lot to say:

"Best Damn Cream Soda is pretty much nostalgia in a bottle — drinking it was like taking a time machine back to my soda-swigging childhood summers on Long Island," said editor Alex Lasker. "Except it also made me drunk, which is definitively better."

Anna Iovine, editor, agreed. "I was a little skeptical about a cream soda barbecue sauce but wow, I'm a convert," she said. "I knew an ice cream float with the cream soda and root beer would be amazing and my expectations were met."

Whiskey and sweet tea a good Tuesday night make (đź“· @kelsaywhat_ )

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Best Damn Cream Soda and Sweet Tea -- along with the Root Beer and Apple Ale -- will sure be a favorite in the spring and summer months. Find out where you can buy Best Damn beers here.