Lush will release a Trump-inspired beauty product

The beauty company behind the wildly popular bath bombs, handmade soaps and makeup just announced that it is launching a Trump-inspired hair product.

Although Lush is based in the U.K., the brand is using its new product, a hair mask called "Yuge", to comment on the current political climate. The volumizing and invigorating conditioner is made with olive oil and honey, was announced at the company's Summit.

Yuge is just one of the many ways the company strives to make a social statement with its products.

"Lush has always championed for inclusivity and acceptance in diversity, so it's no surprise that we've chosen to take our stance on the kind of future we want to live in," the company said.

"From welcoming refugees to North America to campaigning for marriage equality, we believe in standing up for what's right, and taking action even when it would be easier to stay quiet and stick to selling soap. We encourage you to do the same. A friendly smile, an understanding ear or any number of kind acts can go a long way in creating the type of community and world we can all be proud of," the company said on its website.