This man hid a ring in his girlfriend's bath bomb


Bath bombs are one of life's simple treats. Pop one of these fizzy bad boys in your tub and watch the water instantly transform into a swirling, bubbling pool of color and sparkle that will soothe your complexion and melt all your troubles—or at least dead skin cells—away. So how do you improve upon a beauty product that's already perfect? By hiding a surprise at the center of the effervescent orb.

That's exactly what one thoughtful man did for his girlfriend, and now social media can't get enough. Last Friday, Twitter user @kassidyrun1 posted a series of pictures showing her unwrapping and dissolving a bath bomb that had been gifted to her by her boyfriend."Sooooooo this happened yesterday.....shook," she wrote. What left her so shaken, exactly? Much to her shock, a clear plastic orb had floated to the top of the tub once the bath bomb had dissipated. "This came up to the surface when my bath bomb dissolved," she wrote on the picture, seeming both skeptical and excited about what could be inside.

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What she found waiting for her was a gorgeous ring, making this likely one of the most romantic baths she's ever taken.

Her tweet quickly went viral, racking up 30,000 retweets and nearly 50,000 likes. Users were quick to chime in and applaud her boyfriend for being so thoughtful and considerate while others were curious to know if this was an elaborate proposal or a promise ring.

She clarified that there were no immediate wedding bells in her future, and that it was only just a promise ring from her very sweet boo. We'll be sure to keep our eyes locked on her Twitter feed. If this is how her boyfriend gifts her with a promise ring we can only imagine what grand romantic gesture he's got planned when it comes time to propose.

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