8 biggest trends of New York Fashion Week Fall 2017

New York Fashion Week came to a close with the Marc Jacobs show on Thursday, and all eyes are now on London to continue the Fall 2017 collections. Several trends resonated throughout the week, from the literal to the philosophical, and there's no missing the statements they made.

You expect to see lots of gorgeous coats and dark hues in the fall collections, but this season, the dark was offset with pops of gorgeous jewel tones. Dresses were given an extra hint of luxury with deep velvets, and as we *all* want to dress when it's cold outside, "oversized everything" was everywhere on the runways.

Click through the gallery below to see the 8 biggest trends we saw during New York Fashion Week this February, and look forward to rocking them in 6 months! Or hey, rock them now. It's still cold out there!