The Marchesa Fall/Winter 2017 collection is breathtakingly beautiful

A Marchesa show will always be the height of glamour and luxury, overflowing with feathered gowns and intricately beaded cocktail dresses. The Fall/Winter 2017 collection from Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig took that famous opulence just one step further, and if it wasn't the gorgeous silks, it was feathers, velvet or fringe.

Every look is bound for the red carpet, and every look would be a show-stopper at a gala.

This season's collection draws from Imperial China, and "the empire's appreciation for grandiose and aw-inducing style." Combined with the signature Marchesa aesthetic, it was needless to say a collection bursting with luxury.

"We looked at Imperial China and a lot of different movies," Keren told us backstage just before the show.

"Yes," Georgina agreed, "We looked at films like 'Farewell my Concubine,' and we loved the idea of all the color stories that you see in the costumes. So you'll see a lot of pastels, but also a lot of chartreuse, and red -- it's about mixing those ideas."

"We've been working with a lot of different colors that you haven't seen before," Keren added. Accompanying the classic Marchesa elements like stunning embroideries and rich textiles, this season also features bows in a big way.

"It's a little nod to the '50s," Keren said.

Fashion shows tend to be (at a maximum!) around ten minutes long. But obviously hundreds, even thousands, of hours have gone into each and every look that walks the runway. And when the detail is at this level, you have to wonder how long the designers spend on just one look, let alone the full show.

"Oh, months," Keren said.

"We've been working on this collection since before the last collection in the spring!" Georgina agreed, "It's a long, long time. Easily six months."

One of the best parts of being in the audience of a fashion show is the ability to see the details up close and in person. And to hear the dresses go by, too, because it's pretty incredible to listen as the beading and embellishments sashay past you.


Minutes before the show, dressers are primping and perfecting the gowns to make sure that their particular look has that "wow" moment on the runway. The first dress of the show was getting final fringe trimmings as we spoke with Georgina and Keren, and that incredible tulle ballgown (look #16!) was being fluffed and perfected as well.

It's a true labor of love from start to finish, and culminated in an incredible collection of lush, ornate elements.

We asked what goes through their minds the morning of the show, and Georgina joked, "not much, we're exhausted!"

"There are a lot of last tweaks happening that day," Keren added, "So you need to remember which tweak needs to be on which dress and get it all done. Obviously we have an amazing team! But yes, making sure that everything is perfect."

Well, perfect, it definitely was. Now, who's taking bets on which of these dresses we'll see at the Oscars? Click through above to see the full collection.