Marchesa Fall 2016 is so gorgeous, it'll take your breath away

Marchesa Designers Share Their Inspiration for Fall 2016
Marchesa Designers Share Their Inspiration for Fall 2016

By: Logan Sowa

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa are time and again two of the most brilliant women in the fashion industry -- the way they are able to bring together fabric, embellishment and glamour is truly unparalleled. Fall 2016 was no exception as they took inspiration from painter John Singer Sargent and combined it with the quintessential Marchesa feel to create their latest work.

"We looked to painter John Singer Sargent," Keren Craig told us, "so each dress is almost like a portrait of a woman that he would have painted. Each piece stands alone on its own -- it's very textural and it's all about the lighting that he had in his portraits."

"Every collection we do is going to have the Marchesa thread," added Georgina Chapman, "It's going to be uber feminine. We celebrate the woman, and we feel like Singer Sargent did the same, so that's why we chose him."

Marchesa red floral roses gown
Marchesa red floral roses gown

The ultra feminine feel that flows through every single Marchesa piece is one of the reasons we love the brand so much. Putting on a Marchesa gown would make any woman feel like a princess, whether it's her wedding day or she's stepping out for a gala or onto a red carpet.

In the fall collection, Georgina also told us "you're also going to see a lot of the things you usually see at Marchesa, intricate embroideries, a lot of floral themes ... we looked a lot at the Highgrove Gardens, going back to our British roots, and it's got a very regal feel to it."

The florals, the embellishments, the flowing fabrics and intricate embroidery -- each of these gowns is a work of art, just like their inspiration for fall.

It's no surprise that Marchesa gowns are consistently all over the red carpet -- and we're sure at least one from fall will grace the carpet at the Academy Awards this year. Click through below to see all of Keren and Georgina's celebrity fans wearing their gowns on the red carpet.

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