Freaky reason you keep dreaming about a headless body

Dreaming of a headless body may seem like a scene right out of a horror movie, but it's actually way more common than you think. Many people wake up from these dreams nightmares shaken, distraught or emotionally "distant", but the frightening imagery can actually be quite a wakeup call.

According to Amy Campion, a dream coach and blogger, the presence of a headless body can serve as a sign to the dreamer that his or her heart and head are imbalanced. He or she may be too emotionally involved in a certain situation, or overthinking an experience, because of fear of "pain or humiliation".

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A headless body may also symbolize vulnerability or a disjoint in the dreamer's beliefs. Campion calls on the dreamer to reflect on a troubling experience that's resurfaced, or to think about a current struggle.

"Have you become so overly ambitious that you are sacrificing things that are really important to you? Maybe you are neglecting your health or those you care about in your efforts to "get ahead, " she questioned.

By putting these thoughts into perspective, ideally the dreamer can better the connection between the heart and the head. Thus, he or she can lead a more balanced life.

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