13 unusual uses for hairspray

You've probably heard the word "hairspray" and instantaneously think of the miracle bottle for your hair. Of course, the sticky spritz adds volume, cures fly-aways, tames frizz and makes your locks look shiny. But did you know about these many other uses for hairspray?

From drying freshly painted nails, to covering up stocking rips and ridding couches of pet fur, hairspray can do it all. If you are ever need of a quick fix, hairspray is the answer. Trust us, you'll want to keep a bottle of this nifty spray on deck at all times.

Scroll through to learn how hairspray can become your number one life hack:

Unusual hacks for hairspray
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Unusual hacks for hairspray
1. Spray hairspray on curtains to defer dust and dirt. 

2. Spray hairspray on clothes to remove lipstick stains. 

Saturate the stain in hairspray, let it sit for 5-15 minutes. Then toss it in the laundry. 

3. Spray hairspray on your kid's laces to stop them from untying! 
4. Spray hairspray on bobby pins for better grip in your hair. 
5. Spray on chalked sidewalk to preserve your child's masterpiece! 
6. Spray on freshly painted nails to make them dry faster and keep polish from chipping. 
7. Spray hairspray on thread to stiffen, allowing you to thread the needle easier. 
8. Spray hairspray on a loose zipper to keep it from moving around. 
9. Spray hairspray on tights to keep the material from snagging even more! 
10. Spray hairspray on sweaters to eliminate static! 

11. Spray hairspray to remove fur from fabric. 

Spritz on rag or paper bag, and then rub on couch, rugs or clothing to remove unwanted pet hair. 

12. Spray hairspray on Christmas wreaths to make them last longer.

Spritz hairspray as soon as you get the wreath to prevent the pine needles from falling out. 

13. Spray hairspray on sticky labels to remove the sticker and residue! 

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