Hitting the snooze button may mean you're more intelligent

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

Do you love hitting the snooze button? Well, that means you're really smart -- and not just because you chose an 10 extra minutes in your warm bed!

According to a study published in the The Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences, people who hit the snooze button are more intelligent, creative and happier than those who don't.

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Basically, the study found that it takes a really smart person to deal with a snooze button -- because since the noise-maker is a fairly recent invention, evolution hasn't allowed for us to prepare for it.

Feeling sleepy right now? You're not alone! So are these adorable cats and dogs:

Furthermore, the study says that if we listen to our bodies' needs versus the needs of the clock, we're more likely to be able to solve our own problems -- making us more creative and independent.

Another study published in the BMJ compared socioeconomic circumstances and sleeping patterns. It found that people who go to bed after 11 p.m. and wake up after 8 a.m. have more money and a generally better lifestyle.

Sounds like hitting the snooze button may make a good excuse to be late for work.

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