Meet the first plus-size trans model that's making history


Shay Neary is making history.

The 28-year old model is the first out plus-sized trans model to land a major fashion campaign.

The new, all inclusive fashion line Coverstory was in pursuit of a plus-sized trans model. But, according to the founder of the clothing line, they had difficulty finding one.

"I was very surprised to find out how difficult it was to find a plus-size trans model, since it's pretty easy to find straight-size trans models. When it was time to shoot for our second season, I found Shay through a new agency, 'Transmodel.' She was the only plus-size model. I was ecstatic when I found her, " designer Heidi Kan said.

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Shay's campaign seeks to highlight diversity in the ever-growing fashion world. Diversity doesn't just stop with trans or plus-sized models. "Hopefully we start to see mixed runways, not just of race, but size and stature," Shay said.

"Gender orientations, fluid individuals, non-conforming folks, all put into shows and ads. We ALL wear clothing, we all require things for different seasons, day/night, and life events. A range of price, a range of style, and actual design. Our lives are constantly happening, we need fashion and representation that moves like chiffon, not like burlap," she continued.

We can't wait to see what's next for the gorgeous model!

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