Did you know about Debbie Reynold's unsung love for sports?

On Wednesday, Hollywood lost a hero. Debbie Reynolds passed away at the age of 84 -- she was a hero of old Hollywood glamour.

But did you know that her talents exceeded far beyond the stage? She wasn't just an exceptional singer and dancer. Many fans were unaware of her unsung love of sports and the importance she placed on maintaining an active lifestyle.

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Debbie was a lover of the outdoors --hiking, swimming and skiing gave her a lot of peace. She often talked about how imperative it is to stay active and moving.

"My life has always been in show business and always active. Stay interested in whatever you're doing whether it's writing, roller-skating or mountain climbing. Don't give up, " she once said.

Even as a young girl, this embracement of life and the outdoors was instilled in her. After her move from Texas to the outskirts of Los Angeles, she became a Girl Scout, decorated with 48 merit badges.

It wasn't just physical fitness for her. Her daughter, Carrie Fisher, struggled with mental illness, and Debbie became an advocate for fundraising and research.

Debbie continued this philosophy of wellness and activeness throughout her life. After all, the vibrant actress had a career that spanned nearly 70 years, and she had no intention of slowing down.

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