Best and worst airline food for you, based on airline


Flying is no easy feat.

Travel is exhausting. You're running around, trying to catch a taxi to the airport. Then, you have to wait on lines upon lines -- tickets, security, bathroom, boarding.

Given this hectic time, it's easy to splurge on what you're eating. Candies and airport fast food become the norm. You spend all your time and money on flights, you don't want to spend an extra second in that food court if you don't have to.

But what about food on the plane? Which airlines have the healthiest options, and which should you stay away from?

Dr. Charles Platkin, also known as the Diet Detective, is helping us answer these questions. He ranks each airline based on calories, health score and how open they are in disclosing such information.

Scroll through to see Platkin's takeaways on airline food:

You can view Platkin's full rankings of more airlines and food on his website.

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