New York Giant Victor Cruz reveals the one product that keeps him cool, calm and collected during a big game


As a professional football player for the New York Giants, Victor Cruz deals with the constant pressure of delivering a solid performance -- without losing his cool.

Following a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night, and looking ahead to a major game against the Dallas Cowboys on December 11, spoke to Cruz about his recent work with Gillette and his most memorable touchdown (Hint: He picked two!).

Tell me why you were excited to partner with Gillette on this particular product.

Well I've been friends with Gillette for a long time now -- roughly around three or four years -- and they're just great partners. I think Gillette Clinical Clear Gel deodorant is the perfect thing for me to be a part of and to speak on, because of my profession and [having] to stay calm and cool under pressure when you're sweating. I think Gillette Clinical Clear Gel is the best deodorant to keep you cool and to keep you dry when all the things around you may be making you sweat.

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Speaking of, you have a big game next weekend [against the Cowboys], so what is your routine before a game, and how do you stay calm in other ways?

My routine before a game is to make sure I get a good warm-up, make sure I get ready to go mentally and physically for the game. Prior to all of that, I obviously have to put on my Gillette Clinical Clear Gel to make sure that I stay cool under pressure while I'm out there. Other than that, it's all about being mentally prepared and getting physically prepared after that.

Your touchdown dance has become such a hit. Do you have a most memorable touchdown moment?

I think [there are] two, actually. I think one has to be dancing the salsa in the end zone in the Super Bowl. It really doesn't get any better than that. Then the second one was, I think the first game of the season this year, when I came back from so many injuries and so many setbacks. To get back and score the winning touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in my first game, it was just a tremendous feeling. So I think those two pretty much stand out for me.

With the holidays coming up, how do you juggle friends and family time and your job on the field?

It's tough, it's a struggle for sure, because you're pulled in so many different directions. I think I do a good job of balancing everything -- making time for my family, making time obviously for my profession and just making sure you're separating the two and making ample time for both, which can be easier said than done.

What's your daughter's favorite part about the holidays?

All of it. She's making lists and checking [them] twice and sending it all to Santa right now. She's walking around with Toys 'R' Us catalogues, circling things, showing me what she wants.

Amazing. Last but not least, what's your typical style and grooming routine, and does it differ during the season and the offseason?

I kind of keep a fresh haircut at all times, keep my face nice and groomed. Then obviously, aside from my Gillette deodorant, I just make sure I smell good and my cologne and my fragrances are always good, because I just have to stay on top of my game at all times.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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