The first bed for the majority of babies in Finland is inside a box

Here's an interesting tidbit of knowledge for you. The first bed for the majority of babies in Finland is inside a box!

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The baby box is part of a government package gifted to every new mother, and includes the essentials needed to care for a newborn. Expectant mothers are given the option of taking a grant for €140 ($148.290) or the baby bundle box — the majority choose the box.

The handy box, with everything inside, delivered right to your door...and here's the best part. The box is designed to be used as a bassinet, where the newborn baby can sleep. And apparently, the box is super comfortable.

%shareLinks-quote="I was actually surprised how well the box worked as a bed. It looked super cute next to our own bed but still used very little space in our bedroom, and most importantly our children slept very well in the box." type="quote" author="Heikki Tiittanen" authordesc="Washington Post" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Aside from being comfortable and convenient, they also help contribute to Finland's low infant mortality rates.

According to the Washington Post, "When the baby box was introduced, nearly 10 percent of all Finnish children died before reaching their first birthday. Today, that number has fallen to 0.3 percent."

Here's to hoping the US government takes a page from Finland and brings some baby box love to new mothers here in the states!

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