Study reveals the cheapest time to buy an airplane ticket


We all have heard of a number of clashing theories on what the best time to buy a ticket is in order to spend the least possible.

Some think that you should buy it three month in advance, while other people would advocate that you wait until the last minutes for the prices to go down, but neither of them is true.

In an attempt to shed light on the eternal debate, Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation teamed up to dig into the massive data collection of flight fares and purchases to identify when people normally buy their tickets and when the actual best day to get them is.

The researchers analyzed data from industry sources as the International Air Transport Association, Diio Mi, and the Airline Tariff Publishing Company and finally came to the perfect prediction to find the best deal, which unfortunately never matching the time when most people actually buy their tickets.

Here is how many days in advance we buy and we should buy:


Domestic: 32 days
International: 59 days


Domestic: 57 days
International: 171 days

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