The McRib is back at McDonald's -- but two surprising states are not serving the beloved sandwich

McDonald's is known for its cult-favorite menu items that create a viral craze once they're brought back on the menu for whatever limited duration they're set to run for (never forget the Szechuan Sauce madness back in March 2018.)

A longstanding favorite sandwich, the infamous McRib is back on October 9 in over 1,000 McDonald's locations across the U.S.

Two surprising state notably not serving up the beloved sandwich? Connecticut and New York.

In order to help customers locate the nearest McRIb, McDonald's has rolled out a McFinder where customers can enter their zip codes to find the closest location that's serving up the sandwich.

The McRib Locator also allows customers to get interactive by marking the map where they've had a McRIb 'sighting' where users can see the latest sandwich sighting as well as peruse the map to see which specific stores the McRib is being sold.

Predictably, Twitter had mixed (and very strong) reactions to the return of the sandwich:

The sandwich last appeared on McDonald's in November of last year and the company has not specified how long it will remain on the menu.