Property Brothers release a new line of home goods with Kohl's

There's no denying that Jonathan and Drew Scott are real estate experts. When they're not in front of the camera hosting their hit HGTV show 'Property Brothers,' they are sharing their breadth of knowledge on the housing market.

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Now, the brothers are taking their talents to the retail industry. The two recently sat down with AOL to discuss their new line, Scott Living Collection, debuting at Kohl's this month.

The home goods line will feature a mix of materials, textures, finishes and colors all designed and curated by Jonathan and Drew. From lighting to bedding, there is sure to be a piece in the collection to fit everyone.

"If you watch HGTV, that's our demographic," says Drew. "Everyone from millennials to our age range, that's the audience here. If you're buying a home, everyone wants to make it look beautiful. And what I love with Scott Living, we're giving enough variety and we have different collections that can cater to different tastes out there because not every two people have the same tastes," he continued.

AOL: What can we expect to see from your upcoming Scott Living collection?

Scott Brothers: The big thing for Jonathan and me is that when people watch our shows, they get inspired and they love the beautiful looks. We always try and showcase elevated looks, so this [collection] is all of those beautiful things you thought you couldn't afford, you actually can afford -- we want everyone happy in their home. That's what we have at our collection at Kohl's; designer looks and designer products. We have two amazing collections and we're bringing different styles to these collections so they can transform their homes.

AOL: If you had to describe your new collection in two words, what would you say?

Scott Brothers: Oasis Luxe -- it's approachable luxury. Drew and I are fortunate that we get hundreds of messages on social media from fans who say, "I love the show. I love the products. Here's the stuff that I want to see." And of the biggest things we get is "I love what I see on the show, but I'm afraid I can't make that happen at home or on my budget." These collections we've created, anybody can take any element of these collections -- and we've designed them to mix and match so that things blend together. We're taking the guesswork out of making your home beautiful.

For Jonathan and Drew, the decision to partner with Kohl's went beyond the retailer's affordability and accessibility appeal. Although, according to statisitics, nearly 70 percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Kohl's outlet, to them, the retailer's core values were aligned with theirs.

Scott Brothers: Kohl's was such a great partner for us because they have the same pillars we have. Our brand is all about family, it's about trust, it's about quality.

Take a look at the new Scott Living collection here.