Vanessa Lachey reveals the most overlooked back to school items for kids

Every year, households with children in elementary school through high school gear up to drop serious cash on back to school shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, 2019 will be a record-setting year as consumers will spend on average $696.70, up from $684.79 in 2018. 

Whether you're a back-to-school shopping pro or a first-timer, it's safe to say there are a few inevitable obstacles that come with one of the biggest spending events of the year. For vets like Vannesa Lachey, however, the annual occurrence has become much less of a hassle thanks to affordable retailers like Kohl's

"Kohl's, their mission right now for back to school is to give moms -- and dads --  parents alike, the confidence to able to tackle this daunting back to school idea of getting ready for the school year," Lachey explained. 

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As a mother of three, actress, TV host and model, Vanessa Lachey is busy. She admitted that although her children are the most important aspects of her life, sometimes she needs a little help. And when it comes to shopping, having a strict budget and options for her children can prove to be most difficult.

Unsurprisingly, Lachey is not alone. In a recent survey, 65 percent of parents say that ‘sticking to my budget’ is challenging and stressful.

That's why Lachey and Kohl's recently teamed up to help alleviate the financial and emotional burden for not only herself but for other parents during back-to-school season. 

The Kohl’s Back to School Favorites Checklist is a one-stop-shop for all of the essentials you may have already known about and the ones you might've missed. Items on the checklist range from athletic sneakers and shoes, which 70 percent of parents say are the most important item to get right for back-to-school shopping to denim, which 58 percent of parents say is most important -- and an item Vanessa Lachey says is often overlooked.

"Kohl's prices, Kohl's brands, the options, you know you're going to get all the trusted name brands and quality items. You're going to get brands that the kids will know and love -- and the checklist itself, making it black and white makes it easier," says Lachey. "Don't stress yourself out. Let Kohl's take that burden. Download that checklist and make it easier for you," she continued. 

Take a look at some of Kohl's top back-to-school items under $50 in the slideshow below: 

Kohl's top back-to-school items
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And below are Vanessa Lachey's top 5 must-have back-to-school items: 

- A new backpack 
- A new pair of sports shoes 
- A new pair of dressy shoes
- A new pair of dressy bottoms
- A new pair of denim

You can find more items on the back-to-school checklist here.

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