Popular teen retailer SHEIN reveals its top 17 items under $50 for back to school

Tatiana Pile

Back to school season is upon us -- and so are some of the best deals on essential items such as clothes, shoes and school supplies.

According to the National Retail Foundation, the average planned spending per household for back-to-school shopping is nearly $700. While most parents will more than likely focus their spending on school supplies, clothing and accessories will be a close second.

With 92 percent of planned purchases dedicated to clothing and accessories, many retailers are offering blowout back-to-school sales. Popular online fashion brands such as SHEIN are taking a step further with presales starting at $1.90. The AOL editors took a look at the top deals on trendy fashion site and found some of the best buys for the upcoming school year.

Take a look at the top picks under $50: