Heineken just released a zero-alcohol beer -- and it's only 69 calories

If you're a fan of Heineken then you'll love its latest product. The company just announced a zero-alcohol beer that tastes just like the alcoholic beverage.  

The iconic beverage's campaign #NowYouCan encourages consumers to enjoy a Heineken 0.0 while doing regular activities such as cleaning, reading and hanging out with friends. 

"People want to be able to drink a beer and have that beer occasion moment, but maybe they just don't want the alcohol," says Ashleigh Phelps, brand manager for Heineken 0.0. "Those are the moments that we're trying to hit on -- when you want to have a drink, but you have to do something in the morning." 

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Although brewers had to figure out how to carefully strip the alcohol from the beer and keep its flavor, the 'years-in-the-making' beverage is crafted exactly like the original. Created by Heineken’s Master Brewers, the '0.0 percent' alcoholic beer was doubled brewed with the same natural ingredients in a regular Heineken. It's still mixed with fermented water, malted barley, hop extract and Heineken A-yeast. However, the team gently removed the alcohol by vacuum distillation and blended back in in the natural flavoring to keep the traditional taste.    

"It's a great tasting non-alcoholic beer -- and if you've ever tasted any other non-alcoholic beer, it doesn't taste like this," Phelps expressed.  

Heineken 0.0 launched globally in 2017 before making its way to U.S. markets in January 2019 -- but based on the growing demand for low-alcohol beverages, Heineken 0.0 is on track to be a top seller.  

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