J.B. Smoove partners with Crown Royal on the Purple Bag Project

J.B. Smoove is more than just a comedian -- and his latest philanthropic efforts prove just that. 

The writer, actor and comedian, known for his stint on "Def Comedy Jam" and his current role as Leon on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," partnered with Crown Royal to give back to America's service men and women in a major way. The Purple Bag Project is an initiative created by the liquor brand in September 2010. The company, along with Packages From Home, aim to create at least one million care packages by 2020 to send to troops overseas.  

Smoove has been a spokesperson for the brand for years, but his recent involvement with its service project gives him a true sense of pride. "This is something that's dear to my heart -- making sure our service people and people who are affected by natural disasters can get that helping hand," the star explained. "I love to give. I love to give my time and everything towards people who take care of us. I'm the second responder for the first responders."  

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And while 2018 was Smoove's first year participating in the project, he made sure to take the role very seriously. In December, he traveled to New York to pack bags around the city. He visited a fire department in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and donated a check for $5,000 to the FDNY Foundation to help keep the station well maintained. 

"This is my first year, but it's not my last year," Smoove exclaimed. "This is something I'm going to be doing every year now. Vanilla Smoove is now part of the Purple Bag Project for life!"  

Smoove also revealed which items he believes should be added in the perfect care package for first responders. According to the comedian, snacks, kind words and anything else that lets them know we care for them and are rooting for them are the best types of things to include in a package. "A lot of times, these men and women come home from being overseas and there aren't amazing things waiting for them, so we just want to keep them going," he continued.  

Smoove and the Crown Royal team are working diligently to reach their goal of one million care packages by 2020, and they want consumers to get involved, too. If you'd like to get involved, look out for events in your hometown, and keep an eye out for purple bag donation bins at your local spirits retailer. Crown Royal will contribute $1 to Packages From Home for every bag donated.

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