This cocktail with edible gold is on sale in Manhattan for a cool $1,250


Next time you find yourself complaining about dropping $12 on a simple negroni or gin-based drink (looking at you, loyal gin and tonic lovers), you might want to consider how much more expensive your drink of choice could be.

Kind of like this $1,250 negroni that’s on sale through the end of this week in Manhattan.

But don’t drop your Old Fashioned glass just yet — it’s all in the name of opulence and charity!

In honor of this year’s Negroni Week, in which venues across the world can sign up and elect a donation to a charity of their choice, Fine & Rare in New York is offering a ‘Luxury Negroni Sbagliato’ for a grand total of $1,250.

The beverage contains standard negroni ingredients (gin, Campari) mixed with Armand de Brignac Brut Rosé and poured over a gold-flaked ice cube, garnished with orange bitters and zest.

$1,000 from each cocktail sold will go to Fine & Rare’s elected Negroni Week charity of choice, CORE, which benefits and aids children of those in the restaurant industry.

The primary reasoning for the price?

The drink showcases the world’s most expensive gin, NOLET’s Reserve.

The gin, whose ingredients include the most expensive spice in the world (saffron) balanced with the citrus-noted verbena, goes for $700 a pop.

Of course, the edible gold and other premium spirits don’t hurt either!

To learn more about getting your hands on the luxe libation, visit here.