From poptarts to sushi, these Negroni-inspired menu items go straight to charity in honor of this year's Negroni Week

With so many reasons to feel guilty about slinging back a cocktail (or three), it’s nice to finally have a reason to booze it up for the greater good.

And what goes together better than Campari and charity?

Since 2013, Negroni Week has been making a splash in the cross-section of the feel-good, do-good area of the spirits industry by offering bars and restaurants everywhere an opportunity to give back to the cause of their choice in a way that's simpler than the making a Negroni itself (three simple parts of Campari, Gin and Vermouth.)

Here’s how it works — each year for one week in June (which falls on June 4 - June 10 this year) bars and restaurants around the world can sign up online as participants of Negroni Week where they’ll make an instant donation to a pre-selected charity of their choice and be featured on the Negroni Week website as a participating venue.

Starting with a mere 120 participating bars and restaurants during the initiative’s launch year, that number has skyrocketed to an astounding 7,700 bars and restaurants that have been signed up worldwide.

Over the course of the past five years, nearly $1.5 million has been raised for charities across the globe through Negroni Week, with hopes to massively increase that total number this year. 

But donations and recognition are nearly ever enough, especially when we’re dealing with some of the most innovative and creative professionals by trade here — restauranteurs, mixologists, chefs, etc.

Many of the participating venues are putting their own spin on the classic drink and its flavor palette by creating special dishes, treats and menus in honor of Negroni Week, all in the name of a little gin and good causes.

Here are some of the most inventive eats rolling out for this year’s Negroni Week, alongside where you can get them and how exactly your order will help each charity:

Negroni Week charity deals
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Negroni Week charity deals

Negroni Mille Crepes Cake

Where: Lady M (New York)

Chosen charity: City Harvest

A delicious crepe cake infused with the bittersweet flavor of a classic Negroni.

Negroni Menu

Where: Bamboo Sushi (Portland)

Chosen charity: Surfrider Foundation ($1 from every Negroni sale will be donated, donations for the entire company will be matched dollar for dollar)

Available at all locations plus nigiri pairings. Can all be ordered a la carte. A signature Negroni nigiri is also available below that can be paired with either.

  • Classic Negroni w/ local Portland spirits (Aria Portland Dry Gin, Interrobang Sweet Vermouth no. 47, and Campari)
  • Classic Negroni nigiri pairing (Shiromi yakumi with shiso, juniper and anise saké glaze)
  • Bamboo Negroni (Saint George Terroir gin, Campari, Cappelletti, pisco, Interrobang vermouth, rose water, smoked lemongrass ice cube; served with a candied lemongrass stalk)
  • Bamboo Negroni nigiri pairing (Scallop yakumi with lemon grass-scented & smoked saikyo miso, candied lemon)
  • Signature Negroni Nigiri (Smoked trout yakumi with Negroni-based jam; distilling the flavors of the classic into a sweet jam placed on top of the fish)

Negroni Crostini 

Where: Spork (Pittsburgh)

Chosen charity: Rainbow Kitchen

Negroni Crostini (topped with Negroni-cured bresaola, Tanqueray-infused labne cheese, Cinzano reduction, and a Campari candied orange peel. Garnished with fresh dill and imported olive oil.)

Negroni Arancini

Where: Arancini Bros (New York)

Chosen Charity: No Kid Hungry

Risotto infused with gin, vermouth and Campari stuffed with Mortadella, pistachio & Fontina

Negroni Pop Tarts 

Where: Butter & Scotch (New York)

Chosen Charity: Lambda Legal

All-butter crust, Negroni cream cheese filling, Campari glaze, and sprinkles.

Negroni Pony Sundae 

Where: Tipsy Scoop (New York)

Chosen Charity: The James Beard Foundation ($1 donated for every sundae sold)

Negroni Pony sundae is made with fresh orange sorbet infused with equal parts Campari, Vermouth and Gin served in a Funfetti cone bowl garnished with a Pony Frosted sugar cookie and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

  Description: Caffe Umbria’s Negoni Week Blend embodies the flavors of the classic Negroni cocktail - bitter, sweet, herbaceous and citrusy. Made primarily with Mexican and Kenyan coffees, this blend is available exclusively at the start of Negroni Week and through the end of June. The blend will also be available as cold brew and a variety of other brew methods at the Caffe Umbria cafes in Chicago.

§  12oz Bags of Negroni Week Blend (whole bean or ground) will retail for $12

§  $1 from each bag sold will benefit No Kid Hungry

Barrel-Aged Negroni Glazed Doughnuts with Foie Gras “Sprinkles”

Where: The Saratoga (San Francisco)

Chosen charity: No Kid Hungry

House-made brioche donuts dipped in a barrel-aged Negroni glaze and then topped with a generous dusting of Foie Gras "Sprinkles".


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