For $55, you can have the most terrifying night of your life watching 'Jaws' on open water

You can be the toughest, bravest person in the entire world, but there's no denying that there's one great equalizer amongst everyone that can make even the fearless fearful: the possibility of a horrific shark attack.

Don't lie — At one point in your life, while swimming, sailing, surfing or even sunbathing, you've likely had athecompletely rational fear of encountering a sharp-toothed Great White.

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Perhaps that's why gory horror movies about shark attacks are so enticing -- and no franchise is more iconic in that arena than "Jaws," which actually caused a decline in travel to beaches after its release in 1975.

So in completely terrifying news, a company called "Birth.Movies.Death Events" (yes, really) is letting patrons watch the chilling films on the open water.

As the event description so charmingly sets the scene:

"Imagine relaxing on an inner tube with a cold drink in hand on a perfect Texas summer night, your feet languidly dangling in the calm Lake Travis water. Now imagine you're also watching the greatest thriller ever made, projected across the water while unknown terrors threaten from the watery depths..."

Sounds like good, calm fun for the whole family!

For $55, brave and movie-loving patrons can head to Volente Beach Water Park in Leander, Texas to watch "Jaws" right from the water on Lake Travis.

Your ticket also grants your access to the water park from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., as the movie screening doesn't start until it's dark out. An inner-tube is provided to help you float before sea creatures inevitably come for you as a late-night snack.

The water park will run the promotion for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights starting June 30 until July 23.

Showtimes and movie schedules can be found here.

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