There's a way you can buy groceries at Costco without being a member


If you've ever been fortunate enough to walk through the glorious Costco warehouse doors that lead you into the much-loved shopping mecca, it goes without saying that having a membership to the store is definitely a worthwhile investment.

But not everyone is fortunate to live within a reasonable distance of a Costco store, and for some, the annual membership price might not be justified if they're only making a couple of trips to the retailer a year.

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Luckily, there's a way to beat the system.

No membership? No problem! You can still shop at Costco without paying the members' fee — and without even having to leave your house.

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Food delivery services are growing in popularity, with stores like Amazon and Walmart offering store-to-door grocery delivery for customers.

Some stores, however, outsource to larger delivery services that will send a personal shopper to pick up your groceries at stores of your choice — all you have to do is pay a delivery fee and tip your shopper.

One of these services, Instacart, conveniently works closely with Costco, allowing users of the service to order groceries from the warehouse regardless of their membership status.

If you're willing to eat the fee for delivery and tip, it might be a well worth it way to get those bulk products you need every once and a while.

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