The richest NHL players of all time

Hockey is undeniably one of the most fast-paced contact sports to ever be created.

Since its inception, the sport has attracted fans from all over the world. In fact, the game is so popular, it is often regarded as the official winter sport of Canada.

While action-packed plays and overeager fans make hockey popular, it is also a fairly dangerous sport. When players choose to play professional hockey, many face the risk of suffering from mental health issues, strains, bruises and sprains.

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With the risk of injury flying up and down the ice, it's no surprise that most players are paid handsomely. Two years ago, the NHL announced an increase in the season's salary cap, which skyrocketed many of the most beloved players' net worths.

The salary cap increase has definitely boosted current players' salaries, but for many of the greats, their dominance in the rink helped them achieve unrivaled net worths.

Check out the richest NHL players in the slideshow below: