You can get free chips & guac at Chipotle by playing its interactive game online

Three words. Eleven letters. One painful reality: "Guac is extra".

But what if we told you there was away around this all-too-familiar injustice, this sad truth, for one week?

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What if there was a way to get your guac at no cost and that all you had to do was was play (and win) an interactive game online?

Nope, we're not making this up — Chipotle is offering you the chance to win free chips and guac this week by playing along with their latest promo called "Spot the Imposter".

The company explains the premise behind the game on its website:

"At Chipotle, our real ingredients have nothing to hide. Other restaurants rely on things like added colors and flavors then try to pretend that they are real. This week, we're hiding a few of these ingredient imposters among our real ingredients to see if you can spot them."

The game works like this — Your screen will show a scroll-through list of 52 ingredients used at Chipotle (grains, vegetables, spices) and it's up to you to find and click the one artificial ingredient amongst the masses.

Once you spot it, you can redeem a mobile coupon for a one-time free chips and guac offer (with purchase of an entrée).

Best part? You have unlimited tries to find the ingredient, so, like, you can't really lose.

The coupons are redeemable until April 30 so you better get moving if you're trying to cash in on this miracle deal.

Gardens of free guac await you — play here.

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