There's a Chipotle index that reveals which cities pay the most for burritos


Chipotle burritos may taste the same across the US — but they aren't priced equally.

The Chipotle Index, created by Michael Mattheakis, a computer science student at the University of Michigan, allows you to compare the cost of a chicken burrito at your local store to prices nationwide.

For example, a burrito from New York's Financial District — home to the most expensive Chipotle in the country — costs a whopping $8.68.

Chipotle Index
Chipotle Index

The Chipotle Index

Meanwhile, in Conway, Arkansas, you can buy the same burrito for just $6.90.

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"The biggest factors tended to be rent, labor costs, and taxes," Mattheakis told Business Insider. "So dense cities tend to be a few dollars more for a burrito. But places that aren't as densely populated (e.g Silicon Valley suburbs), but have a higher cost of living, have just as expensive prices."

Chipotle Index
Chipotle Index

Michael Mattheakis

Mattheakis collected data through Chipotle's online ordering system, which lists the chain's menu and pricing information for each location.

"When I was visiting a new city and went to a Chipotle, I noticed that the prices were minutely different. I started wondering what the prices looked like across the country, and how they were decided," said Mattheakis. "I've been programming for around five years now, and I love how it gives you the ability to make products that you can share with the world."

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