Stacy's Pita Chips will donate $10 for every limited-edition bags sold in honor of Women's History

Women's History Month may be ending but the celebration isn't stopping at the end of March for Stacy's Pita Chips.

Earlier in the month, the company released nine limited-edition bags that were inspired by iconic signs and moments in women's history — think bold, powerful quotes drawn in visually engaging text and cartoon imagery.

Photo: Stacy's Pita Chips

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The bags were a part of the Stacy's Stands With You campaign, which donated $10 to Step Up (an organization that aids in mentoring young women to gear them towards excelling in higher education, careers of their choice and beyond) per bag sold.

Watch the full video on the Stacy's Stands With You campaign here:

Stacy's sold out of the 8,000 bags in less than 24 hours and subsequently donated a whopping $80,000 to Step Up.

And since the company was so successful the first time around, they decided to do it again — Except this time, fans were directly involved in the design process by submitting their own design ideas, with three lucky fans ultimately being chosen by Stacy's to be featured on the next batch of bags.

Photo: Stacy's Pita Chips

Jennifer Saenz, chief marketing officer of Frito Lay North America, explained how integral the campaign is to the mission and essence of the Stacy's brand:

"Celebrating the importance and strength of women is a part of the brand's DNA. The Stacy's Stands With You campaign was created to spotlight the voices and rally cries of the women's movement and create opportunities for teen girls to achieve their full potential."

The second batch of limited-edition bags includes three killer designs: One with a colorful mosaic with a Venus symbol making up the statement "As One", one with a woman armed with war paint with the words "A Lady Always Has Her Face On and the final bag featuring two strong fists with "Girls Rule" written across the fingers.

Stacy's will make a $10 donation to Step Up for every bag sold just as the company did earlier in the month — And this time there are only 2,000 bags available.

If the Stacy's sells out of bags, the company will have reached a grand total of $100,000 in donations to Step Up.

Order yours here while supplies last.

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